Activeway Industries Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1996 and it is a company that manufactures curtain tapes and mattress tapes. Even though the company is about 17 years old, the founder of the company has about 27 years of experience in the industry. This shows that the company is in the hands of a capable owner and they know what the customer wants.
Having their own manufacturing plant, Activeway Industries sells mattress tapes, curtain tapes, narrow fabrics, polypropylene tape and polyester. These products are catered to various industries such as the textile industry, mattress industry, interior decoration, cable tape, and helmet industry where Activeway Industries can manufacture the strap.
These tapes can be custom made to the customer’s specifications. The width of the tape can be custom made, if the customer has a specific design and colour in mind, we can make it for them. We have a full range of colour that will suit the customers’ needs and taste. We can turn your design into reality.
Our prices are competitive paired with the high quality of our products that will make customers come back for more. We have excellent customer service as we can make the products to specifications of the customer and we provide free delivery within Klang Valley. We have ample and ready stocks that can be delivered to customers at lightning speed if needed. Don’t hesitate. Call us now!

Curtain Tape-Double Pleat

Curtain Tape-1'' Simple Gathering Tape

Curtain Tape-Pencil Pleat

High Tenacity Polyester Tape

Curtain Tape-French Pleat

Curtain Hook - Pin Hook 8406

Curtain Hook - Half Hook 101A

Curtain Hook - End Hook 101S

Curtain Hook - Ceiling Hook 104L

Mattress Tape-Zebra Color On White Base

Mattress Tape-V Design Metalic Silver

PP Webbing

Mattress Tape-ME 4/2 Color Figuring on White Base

Mattress Tape-ME 2/2 Color Figuring on White Base

Mattress Tape-Art ME 2/2 100% Color

Curtain Tape-French Pleat

Mattress Tape-Double V Design Metalic Silver

Mattress Tape-Double Wing Black White

Mattress Tape-3D Design Diamond

Mattress Tape-3D Double Color

Curtain Tape-38mm Tube Tape


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